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Child Custody

Strong legal guidance from an experienced Harris County child custody lawyer

Our children are precious, dear to our hearts, and as parents we want what is best for them. Consequently, child custody is one of the most significant challenges parents face during divorce. At Robert Reid McInvale, we devote much of our practice to helping clients with child custody issues. Children’s welfare, keeping them safe and protecting a child’s rights is a specialty area for us. Whether you are parents, fathers, mothers, grandparents or other relatives, we share your concerns about your children.

Making important custody decisions

Harris County custody lawyers can help you decide whether to pursue joint custody or sole custody, based on the best interests of your child. Custody involves both the legal aspects of childcare ― such as decision-making about the child’s education, healthcare and religious upbringing ― and the child’s daily physical care and residence. Unless a history of domestic violence, child neglect, sexual abuse or controlled substance abuse exists on the part of a parent, courts generally award sole custody or joint custody to the parents. Courts use the “best interests of the child” as the touchstone for determining custody, which Texas custody law refers to as conservatorship.

Factors Texas courts consider when determining custody

Child custody lawyers in Harris County, TX present arguments and evidence to advocate on your behalf during custody proceedings. They often base case strategies on the following factors that judges consider:

  • The child’s physical, psychological and emotional needs
  • Ability of parents to give first priority to the child’s welfare and reach shared decisions
  • Each parent’s ability to encourage and accept a positive relationship between the child and the other parent
  • Each parent’s participation in childrearing prior to their lawsuit
  • Geographical proximity of parents’ residences
  • Child’s preference when age 12 or older
  • Any other relevant factors

In divorce actions, many parents want joint managing conservatorship arrangements to maintain stable contact with their children and remain a meaningful influence in their lives. We have empathy for your desire to spend time with your child, and we fight to protect your rights and see that justice is served.

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