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Houston Divorce Advice

The advice you receive during your divorce should come from an expert. Houston divorce attorney Robert Reid McInvale has the experience with divorce laws to assist you. By way of example, he offers the following advice in order to dispel some of the common myths surrounding divorces.

1. Any lawyer will do – they’re all the same.

Not true. Some attorneys are sympathetic to the emotions surrounding divorce proceedings. Others don’t want to hear about your feelings; they just want the facts. There are also law firms that handle any sort of case that comes their way, which can dilute their focus and reduce their depth of experience with divorce law. An attorney whose only focus is family and marital law is better positioned to provide the help and advice you need with even the most complicated divorce proceeding.

2. A divorce attorney will charge me an arm and a leg – and another leg.

It may seem that way. Divorce is indeed an expensive process, true. However, your attorney can suggest options for lowering costs, such as pursuing mediation or “unbundling” his services so that you only use his services for key filings or court appearances.

3. I can handle this all by myself – who needs a divorce lawyer?

This may be true, but consider this: even divorces that seem straightforward at first can quickly become messy and complicated. A skilled attorney can reduce the number of missteps you make along the way that might ultimately cost you far more in legal fees, court costs, and lost money from inadequate alimony or child support arrangements than you would have spent hiring representation from the outset.

4. The mother gets the kids – period.

Not true anymore. Many states now give fathers and mothers equal consideration when it comes to deciding custody of the children. While women still get custody more often than men, this is no longer a foregone conclusion. An expert attorney can greatly influence the outcome of child custody cases.

5. I’m right. I’m telling the truth. I’ll win!

Not necessarily. Judges don’t know you. They don’t have lie detectors in the courtroom and they can’t read minds. They will decide the outcome of your divorce based upon testimony, the facts presented, and prevailing law, not on the “truth” or “rightness” of your claims. This is why you need the advocacy of an attorney to protect your interests, and to present the most comprehensive and convincing case for you possible.

At this critical juncture in your family’s life, there is no substitute for having expert legal help every step of the way. Protecting your legal rights and fighting for the things that matter to you is our only focus. At the law office of Robert Reid McInvale we are recognized for our experience in such confidential and personal family legal matters as divorce. Let us help you.

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