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The Houston law firm of Robert Reid McInvale can help you by providing advice with regards to separation, mediation, and divorce.

Separation, as it is legally defined,  is often considered as an alternative to divorce for couples who don’t want to live together anymore but aren’t ready to divorce, either due to a hope for reconciliation, a desire to save money, or a reluctance to launch into an often lengthy and contentious court process. The state of Texas does not recognize legal documentation of separation, but does allow for temporary orders of separation to be filed along with a divorce suit. An attorney can be of great assistance by providing guidance and offering alternatives to legal separation.

If a couple separates in the sense that one spouse moves out of the family home, an attorney like Robert Reid McInvale can help by providing advice on the next steps. For couples who are fearful of a protracted divorce and its possible effects on themselves and their families, their lawyer can suggest mediation options. Mediation can remove much of the rancor from divorce proceedings and help foster as swift and painless a parting as possible. Should the couple decide to go forward with a divorce, an attorney can help clarify the grounds that should be used, file any paperwork with the court, and represent the interests of his client in the courtroom should any issues of child support, alimony, or division of assets become contentious.

If you want to pursue legal options for finalizing a separation from your spouse, attorney Robert Reid McInvale can further explain the alternatives and advise you on how best to pursue mediation or a divorce.

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