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Have You Lost Your Car Registration for Non-Payment of Child Support?

Individuals in Texas may lose their vehicle registrations if they are delinquent in child support payments. This is part of a new proposal from the Texas attorney general that appears to be going into effect this fall (2016). It is yet another measure taken to try and force those who are behind on child support […]

Filing for a Divorce or Custody in Texas When You Live Out of State

You don’t always have to live in Texas to file for divorce or child custody here. If you are out of state, but your spouse is a Texas resident, you can file in the county your spouse lives in. Texas, like most states, has residency requirements for divorce cases. In order to file a divorce, […]

Protecting Your Property or Business During a Texas Divorce

During a divorce, the court divides the marital property. The judge is allowed to divide assets in any way he or she decides is “just and right.” Because Texas is a community property state, most property acquired during the marriage is considered marital property and is divided as a judge sees fit. With the help […]

Texas Fathers Pursue Changes to Child Custody Law

When it comes to child custody cases, fathers often get the short end of the stick. While Texas custody law is written to avoid favoring the mothers in divorce and other custody cases, judges still tend to award primary custody to mothers. Because the law assumes that children are better off with both parents in […]

Your Rights When Your Child’s Custodial Parent Won’t Let You See Your Child

With the help of an attorney, it is usually possible for a noncustodial parent to gain access to his children. In many Texas divorces and other cases where a child’s parents aren’t married, the mother ends up with primary custody of the child or children. Fathers are often supposed to be able to visit their children […]

Announcing Our New Office in Houston

The law firm of Robert Reid McInvale is pleased to announce our move to a new office to better serve our Houston-area clients. We are now located at 16360 Park Ten Place, Suite 327 in Houston’s Energy Corridor. This move puts us in a more central location, making us even more accessible to our clients […]

The Four Types of Fatherhood Under Texas Law, and a Father’s Responsibilities After Divorce

The birth of a baby can be the happiest event of your life but it also establishes a host of legal responsibilities for both parents. While identifying the biological mother is typically straightforward, ascertaining fatherhood in Texas can be somewhat confusing. As an experienced Houston divorce lawyer, I often help mothers make sure their children […]

Can Presumed Fathers Pursue Custody Rights in Texas Divorce?

Divorce may end your relationship with your wife but it does not break the bond between you and your children. Unfortunately, I have seen divorce cases where my clients learn for the first time they are not the biological fathers of the children they love. The good news is that Texas law does not necessarily […]

Is Same-Sex Divorce Imminent for Texas?

Relatively recent statutes enacted by the Texas legislature specifically declare same-sex marriage and civil unions void within the state. Based on this legislation, you can surmise that divorce is not possible for same-sex couples in a state where their marriages are not possible. However, the Texas Supreme Court is currently considering two cases that can […]

Can I Trust Friends and Family to Provide Advice During the Texas Divorce Process?

I have helped many individuals who come to me with any number of misconceptions promulgated by well-meaning people who care about them. Your friends and family naturally want the best for you and your children. However, their own personal experiences do not always lead to the best advice. By all means, accept their good intentions […]